Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Holidays on the Ice

So what's it like spending the holidays in McMurdo?  Well, there are a lot of similarities but also some differences.  Good food and fun times were still part of the formula.  Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were delicious and shared with my Shuttle co-workers.  The community Christmas party was fun with a couple of music venues, nice hors d'oeuvres and Santa.  But the highlight was New Year's Eve and the 30th annual IceStock music festival.  The final event was the Shuttle's holiday party.  One of our shuttlers prepared a delicious meal for us (thank you Claire!) and it was held in place reserved for distinguished visitors, known as Hut 10.  The white elephant gift exchange was a hoot. 

Below are images from the different events:

Images from Thanksgiving

Quite the spread with traditional dishes at Thanksgiving.

Turkey and ham for Thanksgiving and 
crab legs, lobster, and beef for Christmas.

Images from Christmas

Decorations in the galley at Williams (Willie) Airfield.

Santa reminding us to wash our
hands before eating.

Rex on Santa Billy Joe's lap at the
Community Christmas Party.

Images from IceStock 2018-19

The IceStock 2018-19 lineup.

The Monotones, and they were!

A high energy band.

The countdown just before midnight.

Happy New Year!  Ringing in 2019.

After midnight I decided to take a hike around Observation Hill and wind down a bit.  I never tire of the scenery.  And after all the excitement of ringing in the New Year, it was nice to get away for an hour or so.

The view from the Observation Hill Loop Trail.

Image from the Shuttles holiday party

Shuttle Colleen was thrilled with her white elephant gift.

So it was a fun and unique holiday season, one that I will always remember.  However, I missed being with my family and friends and look forward to spending the holidays with them in 2019.


Lynn H. Ogden said...

Christmas shopping in shorts was strange when we lived in Texas, but sun glasses at midnight on New Year's Eve. It takes some getting use to.

Unknown said...

What time zone are you in and don't they all converge somewhere down there?

Gianni alsoknownas John said...

Nice to see you had a mixture of traditional AND uniquely-Antarctic holiday experiences, Rex. The picture of you on Santa's lap is priceless! This is a holiday season you will never forget. Happy New Year!!

Susan said...

Appears some folks plan ahead for their white elephant gift exchg! And I didn't realize it would be outside, thot it'd be too cold for musicians w/out gloves, etc.

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