Monday, January 14, 2019

More penguins!

And this time there was more than one!  I had gone down one evening on my day off to see the Adelie penguins spotted off of Hut Point and was disappointed there were none to be found.  But later at 4 am I decided to head back down, if for no other reason to see how the ice breaker was doing.  But low and behold, there were 10-11 Adelie penguins laying on the ice just below Hut Point.  They appeared to be sleeping, or at least resting.

Persistence pays off.  Finally, Adelie penguins!

I stood and watched them for a long time, hoping they might get up and move around.  I had my binoculars and could get a close up view of them.  They appeared very fluffy and shiny.  

They appeared to be sleeping except for the
one standing in the middle .

They were bigger than I expected, maybe up to 2 feet tall but definitely smaller than the Emperor penguin.   Hopefully I'll get some pictures of them standing and moving around.

One lone guy hanging out by himself.

I stayed around watching them for almost an hour before I started getting cold.  How they can lay on the ice or swim in the cold water is beyond me.  I went back the next day to take another look but they had moved on.  Hopefully, as the ice breaks up, more will show up.


Marie on Frazer said...

Very exciting penguin sightings Rex! And that pic with Santa is priceless! So you on the countdown to Feb 15 departing...can conditions delay like your arrival did? Our weather is still holding mild but other places like California are getting rain and Wash, DC got 11 inches of McMurdo affected at all by the government shut down? The shutdown is big news here....continue to have fun and love the pics...Marie

Rex said...

Hey Marie. Hopefully you will notification of my response to your question. Yes, it is possible I could be delayed but it seems there are less delays at the end of the season than at the beginning. I have built some flex in my schedule so hopefully I'll be able to spend time with John and Joan in Sydney before we head out on our cruise.

The government shutdown has not affected us so far. Most of the people here are working for contractors (like me) or for agencies not affected, like the New York Air National Guard. I hope it stays that way.

Marie on Frazer said...

Your reply came through perfectly!

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